Crypto PR is Helping Web3 and Crypto Companies Onboard in Dubai

Dubai is at the top of the list of best places to register Web3 and crypto enterprises, it comes from a combination of advantageous specs of the city, such as the ease of relocation, speed of company registration, active crypto community, and most importantly, the progressive and modern lifestyle.

Among the main enablers of this location shifting is Crypto PR (, seeing the progressive city’s tolerance toward practising new technologies, Crypto PR saw the opportunity to display the city’s positive narrative about Web3 across global events and conferences, helping many crypto, NFT, metaverse and other Web3 enterprises onboard smoothly with a well calculated strategic planning.

“We saw an opportunity in Dubai for Web3 startups. The best way to summarise it, is that it’s a progressive modern city, ideally located in the world, offering great corporate incentives along with sunny weather all year round.” Says Mohanned Halawani, Founder and CEO of Crypto PR.

Crypto PR is the first Web3 agency in the Middle East, since its inception in 2017, it has built relationships with global projects and institutions that have interests with blockchain technology. Among these that Crypto PR have supported are Avalanche, Bit Digital, HSBC and many crypto entrepreneurs from Oxford University.

Web3 and blockchain enterprises, mainly crypto exchanges, seek moving to Dubai based on a set of advantages the city offers, among them is the new standardised virtual asset regulation law which was introduced to set the UAE as the regional and global player in crypto markets.

For more information on onboarding a crypto project, company, startup or enterprise, connect with Crypto PR.

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